Sharing the gardening bug away from home

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:30 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Flowers

We arrived home early this afternoon with a very busy 5 nights away with our friends in Te Kuiti.  They have recently moved into a place with gorgeous gardens and she didn't really know where to start.

Cue - pop the bag of fav tools in the car.  We spent quite a few hours in her garden weeding and tidying it up for summer.  Going through the gardens identifying plants vs weeds and giving the slightly sad citrus a good feed.  It was very theraputic still being able to get into the garden while not being at home.

I scored myself a small bag of cuties from her garden to put in my hot coloured Secret garden so the favour certainly was returned. 

While we were in Te Kuiti the girls got a chance to tile and grout a mosaiced concrete mushroom for the garden from a gorgeous shop that has all sorts of complimentry yard games and crafts every holidays for the kids.  We still need to do a final polish before placement. (other pic is of the finished example mushroms)

Another gorgeous place we visited (among many) was the Te Kuiti Japanese garden - It was small but fabulous and gave me so much inspiration for the one I would like to create - It really got all the ideas perculating. 


Sharing the gardening bug away from home