Shes a big job.

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:02 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

As I have said before its all gardening almost all the time lol , My daughter has been amazing as has a friend of mine in giving a few hours here and ther , I just wish I had had them on board earlier , its given me a new way of looking at everything as a whole .

I am thinking to the next season and learning what I can grow for flowers and foliage all year round , I have made some awesome connections with other growers at the flower market and really am feeling like a proper grown up with a career which I wasn't certain was ever going to happen .

We get 12 cubic meters of sawdust delivered a couple of times a year , this helps keep moisture in weeds down and stops fert dissapearing to quick though our very stoney soil .

Can you spy the raspberry bushes , they are a great wee treat in the middle of a busy day , or anytime actually .


Shes a big job.