Sowing seeds.


Date:26 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables


Hi everyone!

These last few days have felt like summer, but I am sure there is more rain to come.

A few weeks ago, I soaked and planted 10 Peas in my mum's garden (I read that peas will stunt Garlic bulb size, so I am trying to keep them separate) but unfortunately only half germinated (or else the snails got to them before I did).

During this week, I have planted 2 varieties of Cabbages, 2 varieties of Cucumbers, 8 varieties of Tomatoes, Spring onions, Silverbeet (which I have neither eaten nor grown before), 8 Watermelon, and 9 Pumpkins which I plan to transplant to a ditch on our property.

I recently bought some 100% biodegradable, organic peat pots from Mitre 10 - They are obviously not economical, but I decided to use them for my smaller seeds and plants that are easily affected by transplant shock.

I have planted 6 Celery seeds in one of my peat pots because we have not had any luck at growing celery, so I am hoping for some success this year!

I've also been doing some weeding in my garden.  The dock is especially difficult because it's tap root is so long!

Thanks, Harrison.

Sowing seeds.