Space is getting tight

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:27 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

The green house is nearly busting at the seams , and normally once I have potted on my toms and swan plants I would pop them on either the hardening off shelf or in the shade house .

But this potential storm has so far bought a lot of high winds so the trays are bunkered down in the green house .

My shade house is somewhat of a mess but as the season moves forward and the days are longer I will get on top of it .

My neighbour popped over and gave me some Ashwagandha seed , he says he didn't have a lot of luck but thinks my green thumbs will make it happen , No pressure lol , I sure hope I can bring some plants to fruition , The tropical perennial is a concern but I will try , If you ave never heard of it as I had not have a google , the health benifits are though the roof .

Shed update all 6 poles cemented in and we will pour the floor and get the ceiling beams up next weekend so my hubby tells me , so exciting , Is it wrong that I may have already got to the decorating bit , Its going to be so good .

Space is getting tight