Spreydon Sunflower Competition


Date:11 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Flowers

It's been a busy few weeks, but we're there!!

Last year we launched the inagural 'Spreydon Sunflower Competition', and we are now in it for the second year!


It's been super exciting coming into year 2 - last year it was nearly single handedly ornganised by myself, but now that we're in the 2nd year the momentum has gathered and people are coming forward left, right and center - so much so that we had to print and prepare more flyers!


So far we have had have had...

20 amazing people, walk 35 different streets in the Spreydon area, handing out 1,245 flyers with over 14,000 seeds attached to them!
How fantastic is that?!
and from Monday people will be able to pick up seeds from the local libray or my place if they didn't receive any.
Let the game begin!


Spreydon Sunflower Competition