Spring is a tease - don't trust it!

Gardener:Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Date:20 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hello lovely gardeners

Spring is proving to be an untrustworthy season.  Last week with the high wind and nasty behaviour and then today she’s smiling sunshine like butter wouldn’t melt!  On a day like today it would be easy to think this is it, but experience tells us seasoned gardeners that it is far from ‘it’.  So, enjoy the weather.  Sit in the sun and soak up its warmth (although sunscreen and a hat are a good idea as spring sunburn isn’t unheard of) and admire what you have achieved so far! 

The mini challenge is coming along nicely, and I know it is really hard to pick because everyone is just so lovely.  But it won’t be the only chance to win things along the way.  We  have our weekly random seed pick on a Tuesday from all the blog posts posted the previous week.  Last week our winner was Briar’s Patch.   And if you want to pop over to the Yates Facebook page – for today only there is a giveaway for some of the new flowers in the Yates collection. 

I would also encourage you have a good look around the Yates website.  There are articles for almost every vegetable, herb, fruit tree and ornamental plant you can think of, with handy growing guides to go with and the problems you may encounter and how to treat them.   The new website is a wealth of incredible information.  Check it out: >HERE< 

In my garden things have been coming along nicely.  It is certainly being sped up with Hubby the Un-Gardener and the Teen Lads doing the digging and heaving lifting.  And my handy sector system is keeping the garden and the weeds in control.  And my little and often approach in the greenhouse is making things manageable too.  I have now sown all my seeds except the sweetcorn and the beans, but I normally plant them directly when the soil warms up.  

The seedlings are now entering the transplant stage and need moving on into bigger pots.  This can become as tedious as seed sowing when you have a lot to do, but I’m just doing what needs doing each day or so rather than waiting for a ‘session’ to do the lot.  It is much more enjoyable that way.  The only problem with this stage is it turns my organised small seed tray situation into an explosion of greenery with plants taking up more and more room!   For the next few weeks, it will become chaotic and them poof – the shelves will become empty as things begin to fill the garden. 

Enjoy the week ahead, make use of the sunny days and slip, slop, slap - but watch the weather forecast and have a beany at the ready! 

Happy Gardening.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

Spring is a tease - don't trust it!