Spring is here

Gardener:Lulu's Garden

Date:06 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hi everyone,

I am super excited for the Yates vegie growing challenge to be happening this, especially seeing how crazy this year has gone so far.

I'm sorry to see by fellow gardener Carol Jane has passed away. She always provided heaps of good advice, not only on this blog, but also the Te Awamutu Facebook group's, were you could see how well her garden was going.

To my fellow gardeners, both new and old, I'm Louisa. I live in Te Awamutu with my parents, while trying to save for my first house (hopefully next year :) ). We live in a rented property with two raised garden beds. To create extra garden space I have a Vegepod and multiple ranges of pots.

For me gardening is where I can go outside into my own space and destress from a busy week at work. I enjoy creating my own space, and growing my own food. I want to eventually create a bigger garden where I can harvest many varieties of vegetables which I can store/freeze for later on in the year.

Last year I started putting more flowers around my garden, and I am going to carry on doing this as it provides not only a splash of colour but also food for pollinators.

Last weekend I put in some carrots and red pak choi in my back garden bed as I wanted something quick for when I put in my spring/summer crop. I also created a fence around my garden to keep my cats out. As you can see Jazz was not to happy about that.

I look forward to seeing everyone's gardens this year and how they progress overtime. I'm sure there will be many positive and hopefully a few fails, but they are all a learning experience, as I find each season we learn new information.

Spring is here