Spring Motivation in Christchurch


Date:05 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours

Kia ora,

Ruth (aka ruGrew) here from the sunny/frosty/windy/warm/cold Christchurch!

This is my third year joining the Yates Vegie Growing Challenge... year 1 I did a grand total of 1 post, year 2 I joined 40 days into the challenge... so this year I am onto it!!

I am a primary school teacher by day, and over the last 2 years have taken up gardening as a hobby when I realised I needed a hobby outside teaching - what I LOVE about gardening is that I have not yet come across a gardener who does not share their knowledge - get a few gardeners in a room and they can talk for hours!

My gardening mentor was Carol Oates, I only met her last year through the challenge, but she was such an inspiration we kept in contact throughout the year - I'll be completing this challenge in honour of her and all she has given of herself to the gardening community in New Zealand. 

In our garden we have 9 raised beds, a very exciting new glass house, a mixture of fruit trees, 5 chickens and a million worms.

I'm primarily a veggie grower, but over the last year I've been learning about companion planting and attracting beneficial insects, so this year there will be more intermingled flowers! 

I'm looking forward to 'meeting' everyone online (by now we're all pretty used to online meetings after this odd year!) and particularly looking forward to meeting and learning from fellow Otautahi gardeners! 

Happy Spring!

Spring Motivation in Christchurch