Starting From Scratch


Date:18 Sep 2020

As you can see in my photo, my garden is bare (except for a large clump of alsromerias - a lovely plant but not in my vegetable garden.) Last year I had the area cleard and then took a soil test, and covered the area with woodchip which has successfully stopped the regrowth of weeds (except for the alstromeria). I will be putting in my garden from scratch.


My soil test came back and the soil needs a lot of work to get it into a good condition. So, I will be adding and growing in garden compost.

An additional challenge will be keeping the plants protected from marauding chickens. The first part will be creating a secure potting table to allow my seedings to get a good start before planting them out. I will look to solve the next problem of protecting them once sown at a later stage. 

I also have a few trees to plant out as well, and I would also like to put in a herb spiral.


My garden will be worked using permaculture and organic principles. 

Starting From Scratch