Taking time to enjoy Mother Nature


Date:15 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

My husband took today and tomorrow off work, when he booked the days off he thought this week was still school holidays!! Never mind,  it has worked in well, as I got him to chauffeur me around earlier today doing what I needed to do for the a&p show, and it made it a whole lot faster!

He picked up the kids from kindy and school and has taken them to do a wee job for work (he can't keep away!) And it gave me the chance to have a quick weed here and there and have a wonder around. The flowers are all looking stunning! Lots of tulips and irises are out, as well as the other spring bulbs. Unfortunately I think the daffodils are all finished for the year. And the apple trees are blossoming up nicely, they look so pretty!

My first peonies are staring to bloom!! We have the perfect growing conditions for them down south, as they need a few frosts. They are just beautiful!  But they take up so much room, and it makes the garden look bare once they die down. So I need to find something to plant in the spaces that have the complete opposite seasons. If anybody has any suggestions that would be great! Their planted in a garden against the house on the east side, so gets morning sun and afternoon shade.


Taking time to enjoy Mother Nature