Thank You Fellow Gardeners


Date:13 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Well it is hard to believe that yet another growing challenge has come to an end. While this is the end of the official competition, I am excited about the change this year and how the blogging will remain open so hopefully I can see your gardens at the end of summer. Sadly, I won’t have too much to blog about but will keep checking in.  


Historically this has been the hardest part of the competition for me. Not because it is the end of the competition but more because it felt like it was saying goodbye to gardening friends made throughout the season. 

I don’t have a garden update to post about but do want to take this time to say thanks. 


Thank you to all who have entered this competition and for sharing both your good times and bad. I have laughed at times, and at times almost cried (when Ev posted a pic of her garden covered in snow!). This is such a great community and the only place I have found where you can share something you love with like-minded people who are nothing but encouraging. 


Thank you Simone 15nz for sharing your amazing journey this season. The example you are setting for Luke is amazing and it has been great watching your journey and seeing what you accomplished in a season. 


Thank you The flower Lady (Helen). You bring so much knowledge to this challenge and I love your wholistic approach to gardening, including the use of the bioforce insects. Definitely something I will need to look into more.  


Thank you ruGrew for really letting us into your garden with the video blogs. Always very inspiring and the sunflower challenge you run is such a great way of bringing your community together.  Wishing you all the very best with the little human you are growing. Exciting times.  


Thank you Tarnz for your olla blogs. I’m 90% convinced we will be using these in some form in our new property as we will be in the sunny north and on tank water. 


Thanks, Southern Gardener. It has been so good reading about a garden in a totally different climate. Your idea for a travelling lettuce has literally blown my mind. So simple and yet such a great idea.  


Thank you, Briars Patch. Although there have not been as many blogs this year, I have enjoyed reading everyone. I do feel we have kindred gardening spirits although it is a still a no to the Muscovy ducks.  


Thank you, Mrs Muddy Toes (fellow Waitakere gardener). It been great reading your blogs and seeing what you did in a season. I’m sure you will eventually find the right balance with the pests. Sometimes it takes a few seasons for nature to find a balance. Your greenhouse looks amazing and I’m super excited because my dad just gave me one he has under the house that he bought but never put up.  


Thanks Stacey 170 for sharing your gardening season. By next season I expect that you would have put those extra grapes to good use and be a master wine maker. How hard can it be? 

Thanks Birdhouse bend for sharing your successes. Your garden looks really productive and if I’m not mistaken, it’s a pretty big garden to keep under control. 


Thanks Sarah at Netherby. I’ve enjoyed following your garden journey from afar and your Prizegiving blog brightened my day today (I’ve been bedridden with one of those 24 hour bugs so needed a pick me up). 


Thanks, Luvy for sharing your ups and downs with the tunnel house. We will have a first greenhouse next year so your blogging has been invaluable. You’ve achieved a lot in a season and look forward to seeing what you do next year if you are back.  


Thank you Harrison for taking part. I think I’ll be stealing your trellis idea for our next place.  


If I have forgotten any names, please do not be offended and put it down to my age and not your blogging.  


Sarah the Gardener. Thank you once again for hosting this challenge. I could not imagine this challenge without your support and friendly advice throughout. We are very lucky in New Zealand to have this challenge every year and I can only imagine the amount of work involved.  


Thank you to Yates, not only for putting on the challenge but for growing as a company and providing products and advice to support all gardeners. As many gardeners move towards a more natural approach to gardening, it is great to see you offering a product to suit. Being a part of this challenge has strengthened my faith in your brand.  


Finally, my last thank you may seem a little odd but here goes... 


Thank you, Carol Jane, for the inspiration you have been to me and to many of the other gardeners in this challenge. I was saddened by the news of your passing at the beginning of this challenge and to be honest it has felt like there has been something missing without your many blogs and supportive comments. However, I feel like in some way you have been with me and the other gardeners this season. I received a pack of Yates Butterfly and Bee mix as a prize. When they arrived, I thought there is nowhere to plant them, and then I heard your quiet voice from last season saying why not put a strip in at the front of your property. So, I planted them and I did not regret it one bit. I called it the Carol Jane garden. I bought our heat pad for seed raising this season because of your blogs and this ended up saving a baby birds life (I can’t help but think you had something to do with it). Every time I saw a blog about Iris’s I checked the comments just to see if you made one from the other side (I know you wanted to). While we never actually met you have had a profound impact on me throughout these challenges and you will not be forgotten.  


So again, thank you all and I look forward to continuing to follow those who keep blogging and for those that don’t hopefully we will catch up next challenge.  


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  

Thank You Fellow Gardeners