Thanks Yates

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:12 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have got to say the bugs this season have gotten a huge jump and I have never ever had to take such envasive action so early in the season .

I have found some small black spots , so consulted my yates guide and I think it was either black spot caused by fungus , or mites , I chopped off the infected leaves and popped them in boiling water , the spots came off leaving me to believe they are mite eggs , but I treated everything with both natures way fungus treatment and natures way pyrethrum spray as reccomended in the yates guide to these pest problems  . this spot was found in my green house so I am not taking any chances .

I also recieved a packet of yates Gazinia seeds as a random draw , thanks Sarah , Gazinias were one of the first things I ever grew from seed many years ago and I had my first market stall with them to , next to my dad , I was around 14 I think .

Thanks Yates