The attack of the aphids


Date:30 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

I haven't had a chance to get out in the garden much these last few days with other commitments, aside from watering. 

But I had a quick wander around yesterday and found aphids absolutely nailing some of my flowers! Some of my roses, tulips and calendulas are covered in them. The picture below is one of the good ones, some have a much worse infestation! 

Then to my horror, I remember I picked a few tulips the other day and put them in a vase. I had visions of them spreading to my indoor plants (25 odd), so I raced inside and checked those and thank goodness the tulips didnt look like they had any. Luckily I got them from a different area of the garden that seems to be ok for now.

I want to try and get rid of them without using chemicals (unless that fails), so I sprayed them with dishwash liquid mixed with water, and I'll do this every second day until I get on top of them. Wish me luck! 



The attack of the aphids