The beauty of Flowers

Gardener:Sarah at Netherby

Date:19 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Flowers


One of my goals for the vege garden was to include as many flowers as I could, mainly to bring some colour and beauty and of course to encourage the bees and make it a bee-friendly garden.

Borage and lavender were the first plants I put into the garden specifically for the bees. I am amazed at the size of the borage, initially a tiny little plant it is now enormous, to the point I will have to start to lop off some branches to make room for the tomato plants beside it! The bees certainly love the blue flowers which are so pretty.

As a child I was always taken by my grandmother's dahlias so I decided to grab a bag of bulbs over winter. The dalias have just started flowering and really are stunning. We have some purply coloured dahlias about to flower so looking forward to seeing those but loving the magenta flowers too.

My daughter scattered her Yates Magical creatures seeds a while back in the ‘wild flower’ section of the garden and a little collection of pretty flowers have started to grow, to be honest I think there could be a few weeds that have joined the ‘Magical Creatures’ array but I don’t know the difference they all look pretty!

The sunflowers are about 30 cms in height and the zucchini and cucumber are flowering at the moment too! We did plant the Yates Teddy sunflowers as seeds but there is no sign of them, might have to grow some more seeds but in a pot to start with.

Happy Gardening Everyone!

The beauty of Flowers