The excess tomato plants

Gardener:Sarah W

Date:12 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

Every time I go into the poly house I'm amazed with how big the tomatoes are getting. Half are now tied up, the other side is waiting for some engineering work (not my department) ie a piece of timber length wise for me to tie the tomatoes up to. 

With 19 different varieties it was no surprise I ended up with excess plants. I also went through all my seeds and planted out the old ones into a tub, keeping a note of the varieties. There's no point keeping old seeds year after year. A surprising number germinated, adding to my excess. I gave away as much as I could to friends and neighbours. One friend gave me some exciting seeds in return - all for the beneficials. Phacelia and buckwheat are her must-haves. Another pot is a mix of at least a dozen flowering plants. There are some cucumbers in the shot ready to be hardened off. The bottom pot was half watermelon and half rockmelon seeds from saved and swaps. The rockmelon hasn't germinated so I'm glad I started them inside rather than wasting time and space. I'd be happy with just watermelon anyway.

The honey? I had tomato plants at the gate and it was a chance to meet some lovely neighbours who promised honey in return for plants. True to his word it was dropped in today. I don't know if that can be called paying it forward as my donation was immediately topped with the honey offer and I think I came out better off! The last of the plants I did pay forward by dropping them into the local hospice. I like to imagine them making their way to happy homes and growing well.

The excess tomato plants