The Garden that Grew


Date:10 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

Does anyone else know the picture book ‘The House that Grew’ by Jean Strathdee?


It was one of my absolute favourite books growing up, I loved that there was so much going on in the illustrations, that it was in a beautiful place, there was Native bush, that there were gardens and chickens and above all this little girl got her very own house!


This isn’t a book review, but if you haven’t read it, here is a link to read it online -


But why am I talking about the house that grew?


I think about it a lot with my growing garden.


I’ve had the taihoa put on for any more removal of grass, but over the last 3 years we’ve gone from 2 deck planter boxes and the original little veggie garden which was about 1x2.5m, now to 9 planter boxes (+ the 2 deck ones), a garden shed, a glass house, berries, fruit trees and the beginning of a re-designed flower garden… which I’m planning on tucking some veggies in, as my rule is just no more lawn!


After one full year with this garden set-up I’ve realised how cold my garden is in winter, so will be having to think about how I combat it this year… but for now… it’s SPRING!!


Below is a link to a video update of how the first part of my garden is looking at the start of September

The Garden that Grew