The happy potato experiment

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:13 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

As I have already mentioned , we have pigs and with them we get a lot of scraps , but this one bag of sprouted supermarket spuds , labled only as white spuds beckoned to be planted .

So first step I choped them up making sure each piece has a growth .

Next step dig trenchs , I popped in some sawdust to act as both a moisture layer and bug barrier .

I placed to potatoes growth side up right , added a bit more saw dust , some semi rotted old horse hay from the bottom of the horse shed , then topped with soil .

We are still getting frosts here for a while yet so any sign of growth will be covered over with soil , compost until they are well mounded up and ready for xmas .

The agria seed spuds have begun chitting and I will get them in next week .

And I am still holding out hope for some purple heart spuds after the neighbours peahen ate the ones I had .

I really am looking forward to seeing which does better .

The happy potato experiment