The Most Terrifying Creature


Date:12 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

As I stepped outside onto our covered deck I was gripped by fear. The evidence was right there. Snow peas had been viciously devoured straight from the plant.

I told myself this could not be true. What sort of brazen creature would venture so close to our home?  What terrifying beast would dare steal from us in broad daylight? I was sure this could not be a bird or a slug. It had to be so much bigger. Maybe it was the allusive Titirangi Chupacabra. 

Shaking with terror I locked the doors and hid under the table hoping beyond hope that I was wrong.

It was then that it happened. This strange creature with what seemed like an insatiable appetite appeared out of nowhere, climbed the wall and started eating them before my eyes. 

Sometimes in life you realise that it is just better to just let things be. Trying to stop this creature would be near impossible!

The Most Terrifying Creature