The shameful water leak of 2020


Date:09 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Soooo...since before the first lockdown I have been 'gently reminding' (my words, not his) dear hubby that the bath's tap washers need replacing.  In the meantime, the tap is doing what it can, but the water leak has been getting worse.  I decided to focus on what I could do, and grabbed the water bottles I have been using as cloches in the garden to capture the water...and OMG, it only takes about 4-5hrs to fill each one (I think they're 10L each?)  

Although I feel terrible thinking about all of the wasted water up until now, I'm very happy that I'm using what I'm capturing for the garden now?  When the garden doesn't need watering I've even been able to start filling up the garden boat water feature in the making, which I described in a previous blog. 

I've also started looking for edible water plant seeds and so far have only been able to find watercress and water spinach bamboo leaf (used in asian cuisine).  I'm happy to start with those.  Watercress is the one we're most familiar with anyway, anything else is a bonus...and will be a learning curve in the garden as well as the kitchen ;)

I must also give a big thank you to the yates team for the gardening pack prize.  It was a great surprise!  Also thanks to James for the nomination, as I think that is what it is from? Thank you!!! I've got the radish sprouts on the go at the moment which will be ready to add to salads tomorrow, and look forward to planting the other seeds.  I just need to find space to plant them?!  :)

The shameful water leak of 2020