The time of year for passing on


Date:25 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

I love when there just seems to be 'perfect timing'.


We had our neighbours around and they were saying that they had already braved the craziness of the gardening stores once, but they forgot to get chilli plants, so they were mentally preparing themselves to go back again.... I was able to say 'hold up a bit', checked how many chilli plants I had (after my soap disaster at the beginning), and was able to hand 3 onto them and keep 3 for myself :) 

I love being able to pass things onto people I know will really appreciate them, and also know that they may come back in the form of Chilli sauce! It's a win win :) 

We're certainly blessed with the neighbours we have!


The time of year for passing on