They are up, and kids are thrilled!


Date:11 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Another busy weekend in the garden.

Bit firstly, check out the faces of those kids who are delighted with their veges and sunflowers that have germinated! All the sunflowers are up, and we're just waiting for a few pumpkins to sprout. 

Even though I'm starting to panic where they are all going to fit, seeing my kids excitement watching them grow is well worth the added stress haha! I will make sure to plant theirs out and give away some of mine if we don't have the room.

We are still eating plenty out of our garden most days. We got groceries today, hubby added up the amount we spend on fruit and vegetables and it was something like $35! And the only vegetables we bought were yams and parsnips! Got us discussing how much our grocery bill would be each week if we didn't have a garden. Mind blowing!

Ive planted out some more peas, silverbeet, spinach and lettuce. I had to move some spring onions (hopefully they will be ok!) because I decided to plant one or two of each variety of tomatoes in my tunnel house. I've only sown a few varieties this year and will sow the same again we like in coming seasons, plus add a few new ones until I'm happy with the varieties we've got. 

I also planted a few courgettes and capsicums in my tunnel. I will keep and eye on the weather and have lots of frost cloth if I need it, besides I have plenty more seedlings if they don't make it! I buried the stems almost up to their leaves, and named each stake with the variety, because I'll never remember otherwise! 

I love a good garden experiment and also want to show (prove!) to hubby why mulching is important! So I've completely mulched one of my two raised garden beds with pea straw, and have left the other with no mulch. It will be interesting to see over summer what watering needs each will need.


I hope everybody else has had a great weekend in the garden!

They are up, and kids are thrilled!