Thinking about water.....

Gardener:Gardening Mummy

Date:12 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Anyone else in Auckland starting to worry about how they are going to water their garden in summer?

We still can't use hoses here and the soil seems to have dried out quite a lot just over the last week or two which has caused me to really start worrying about how I'm going to water my garden in the middle of summer if we can't use our hoses still.

I've got a few little things I use for collecting rain water - an old small wheely bin with a tap collects water off the roof of my greenhouse. Another small barrel collects water off the roof of the deck which the previous owners never put a gutter on. 

But I know in the middle of summer I could probably use both of those in a day if I did a good deep water.

I've ordered a couple of bales of pea straw so I can mulch everything like crazy this year. The pea straw I got at the beginning of winter for around my strawberries has done a good job so I'm hoping everything else will like it as well. Just got to watch out for those sneaky slugs that like to hide under it.

We had rain predicted for today but so far it has just been drizzle mainly which the wind has blown away before it has had much affect in the garden. 

I did go round like a crazy person yesterday thinking about what else I could collect water in and have put these square boxes along the side of the my garden. I figure if I space them out hopefully when we do get rain they will fill with water and be easy just to dip the watering can into to water the garden with.

Long term I think we will end up getting some sort of bigger tank - just not sure what size and where to put it at this stage!

Thinking about water.....