Thriving Through Neglect


Date:03 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

With all the preparations for moving house I just simply have not had time to get into the garden.

Luckily I did a big plant out early in Spring and also lucky we invested in vegepods.  I know I prattled on about the pods last year but they truely have been great for getting some time back. 

This is the main pod on our deck which has tumbling cherry tomatoes, capsicums, silverbeet and cucumbers. 

I've pretty much just left it since I covered it with netting and now it's bursting at the seams. I've not had to water it since planting and we are starting to get our first tomatoes forming. Sadly I won't get the harvest but I'm excited that they should be cropping when the new owners take over. 

Thriving Through Neglect