Thriving with Horse Poo Stew and Worm Tea

Gardener:Sarah at Netherby

Date:19 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables


To help the garden thrive I have made a delightful stew out of horse poo. We are lucky to have some horses living with us and to be able to access their wonderful manure, trying to be positive about daily picking up poo! I pile it up and have it ready for people to come and collect for their gardens as well, it is popular stuff!

I have a big bucket in the garden that I top up with manure and water and let it steep like tea then pour around the plants. I have read to not use it around any root crops and don’t spread it directly on to edible parts.

We also have worm wee direct from the worm farm. Rainwater seems to seep into the worm farm so I don’t have to water the tea down too much and can liberally apply the liquid gold to the garden. The worm bin is great also as another way to get rid of any food scraps other than composting or giving to the chickens or dog!

Yates Thrive is also great in the vege garden. I shouted myself and the garden a gift last week of a lovely large 10 litre watering can, so much easier to use this when mixing up the tonics for the garden!

Thriving with Horse Poo Stew and Worm Tea