Time grows like my beans


Date:07 Dec 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hello to the gardeners!

I would like to announce that I am officially NOT a blogger!

I still cannot believe that there is only 6 days until the challenge is over, although I am glad I can still blog (even though I am not a blogger) as I never seem to have anything to harvest by the time the challenge has come to an end.

My beans have been growing so fast that every time I try to do another blog post, I have to re-take the photo of my beans. 

Since my last post, I have dug a ditch behind my compost bin, filled it with my compost, and transplanted my potted pumpkins - I now recommend direct sowing pumpkins as all of mine lost their leaves from transplant shock, but thankfully they have recovered.

In my garden bed:

I have made a second trellis and transplanted the rest of my dwarf beans, making a total of 37 plants, and on the opposite side I sowed 14 'Progress' peas (which have not made any progress at all).

I have also transplanted 22 of my beetroot seedlings and direct sowed 10 more - (quick tip: I have some beetroot seedlings I started in August that are still alive... at 2cm tall!!!  So their roots need plenty of space to grow or else they just keep you watering, and watering, and watering:) ).

In the following week, I hope to plant some carrots and leeks in my garden.

Happy Harvesting!




Time grows like my beans