To pick or not to pick?


Date:27 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Flowers

I absolutely adore fresh flowers from my garden popped into a vase and displayed in my house. But I also love leaving them in the garden to admire there. Lillies are my favourite flower, especially fragrant ones, I have no problem with picking every single one of those for that reason!

I don't have a lot of flowers for cutting, so that is one of my goals to grow more for that reason, so I don't have this internal struggle with myself of whether to pick them or not.

My peonies are looking divine, with one of the plants wide open, and the others are still closed buds. So I thought I would pop some of those, as they last a long time and so beautiful to watch open up, along with a few tulips and lavender in a vase to enjoy inside.

To pick or not to pick?