Tomatoes in the poly house

Gardener:Sarah W

Date:30 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

New for us this year is a Morrifield poly tunnel. I've had a 2x 2 greenhouse previously which was never big enough for all the tomatoes I want to jam in. Even though it's Auckland we're on a lifestyle block and it's quite exposed - they grow so much better inside.

These were started inside as seed mid July, they spent a few weeks hardening out in it before I planted them mid Sept. I keep waiting to get it a bit more finished (eg the floor) and tidy before taking a photo but that may never happen!

I've got 19 different varieties. Yep. I love all the different ones and am always trying to find a perfect beefsteak for a start. This year I plan on being ruthless and reducing the number of varieties for next year. Some don't produce that much so are probably not worth doing if there is a better performing one which tastes just as good. 

And the varieties are..... German giant - Olgas - Russian 117 - Persimmon - Big orange - Red brandywine - Copia - Ilid - Purple russian - Black Cherry - Red cherry - Moonglow - Amazon Chocolate - Cuatomate - Dr Walter - Bumblebee - Veroni's - Jeannes (the last two named after the people I got the seed from)

Tomatoes in the poly house