Top 5 tips


Date:01 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - 5 Top Tips, Vegetables

First blog on top tips didn't post so try again, much like gardening ๐Ÿ˜‚ this is the short version just incase it was too much last time.

1) Soil, healthy soil equals healthy plants. Plants are much like us, put in good "food" and be healthy. Soil prep is a must for me, I'm pretty ocd about it. I found out the hard way by trial and error, soils too hard so the roots didn't take, I dug it too much so water sat on top, then I started adding organic matter like poop worm and farm animals, seems to have done the trick.

2) Hygiene, washing tools to stop the transfer of disease and fungal spores. Washing hands after handling disease materials and dispose of it in the rubbish bin not the compost bin. I thought the heat from the compost would kill them but ๐Ÿ‘Ž they hardy little buggers.

3) Keep weeds down, you can mulch, pull, burn, or my fav is to interrupt their growing cycle by hoeing the soil and leaving them to get sunburn. The more I mulched the more seem to pop through when I turned it over, guess I should probably put more mulch on but wanted to replant.

4) listen to your plants. They will show you when they want something or something is wrong. I like to feed them once a week. Liquid fertiliser is my go to as they get an instant hit of what they need. 

5) Talk to them, yip I talk to my plant because the hubby only pretends to listen to me talk about the garden but you can tell the plants listen and sometimes laugh at my expense. 

Top 5 tips