Tower of worms


Date:13 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Recently I decided to add worms to our big vegepod as there is no way they can find their own way there.

We have some really resilient tiger worms in our compost that seem to spread everywhere and have been found in some of the smaller pods out the front. I buried a whole bunch with some compost in our big pod and Ruth from Canterbury rightly pointed out that they traditionally don't do well in soil and might starve if not fed food scraps.

I see this as a great opportunity for an experiment. Using a scrap of PVC pipe from under the house I've built a worm tower. It has heaps of holes in the bottom part under the soil so worms can go in and out. The top will be where food scraps will go. 

The goodness from the worms should go into the water table in the pod. It will be interesting to see if this section does better than the others.

I love it how this community of gardeners always offers friendly advice and so many changes I've made as a gardener have come about from others comments or posts. Will do an update on this worm tower later in the challenge. 

Tower of worms