Tumbling Toms

Gardener:Lulu's Garden

Date:16 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

For the last three years I have been growing these yellowing tumbling tomatoes. Not only do they start producing tomatoes early then my other tomatoes but they are highly productive. When we started making our pasta sauce last year it was more of a yellow colour because of the number of yellow tomatoes we had from these plants.

Last year I had four of these plants (which I will do the same this year), because I don't have enough room to grow tomatoes in my raised garden beds I plant my tomatoes in 50L pots. I have my tumbling tomatoes in  the front so they cascade over the side of the pot, and a bigger tomato plant like a money maker or roma at the back.

I find this is a great way for growing tomatoes, you just need to make sure they are watered more often because of being in a pot.

I planted my seeds for my tumbling tomatoes around the middle of August, and I was quite surprised with how quickly they germinated. I had to quickly find a place inside that was sunny enough for them as they were starting to go leggy. I found a place sunny enough plus sowed a few more seeds because of the leggy ones.

Then I thought I might try a little experiment with the leggy ones, I tried bending them so that the leggy bit was under soil and then covered them with more soil. Because I have read that when you want to plant a tomato seedling it is best to plant it a bit deeper in the soil so that it will create more roots, and therefore a stronger plant. Which is good for our home as it can get quite windy.

I wasn't sure how they would go, but you can see in my picture they are still doing great, the bigger plants were the ones that were leggy. Six days can show how much seedling can grow. I will shortly be thinning them out till I have one  seedling per container.

My bigger tomato plants I will be buying again this year, which I will do in a couple of weeks time. And will keep them in my semi glasshouse container until later in October when I will plant them in :)

Tumbling Toms