Unfulfilled Destiny


Date:16 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Meet your Neighbours, Vegetables

Many years ago I came across a fibreglass dinghy in the local street inorganics collection...SCREECHING BRAKES...it was meant to be!  ;) :D Upon closer inspection I saw that it was cracked which explained why it was getting thrown out.  The householder happened to be outside and offered to drag it on his property to save it for me as I couldn't fit it in or on my car, but could come back with a van.  I gratefully accepted as I had already noticed 2 cars had parked up waiting to swoop in if I left it there?  

I sweet talked hubby into helping me retrieve it.  I realised how once he saw it.  "It's got a big crack in it, we can't sail in it."  "Oh no, we can't do that, but we can use it for a sandpit or in the garden!" (cue innocent eyes here).  

Move to the present, the boat has been sitting in the perfect garden spot.  I have a solar water fountain just waiting for the water restrictions to lift so it can float and make it look like the boat is sinking...I truly hope it will be as glorious as I imagine it will be? 

The practical side of me has decided to lay polyurethane inside for waterproofing rather than trying to fix the fibreglass (which the jasmine has been happily growing through.  I also want to plant edible water plants like water -cress,-chestnuts,-mint,-parsley,-spinach.  Let me know if there are other water plant recommendations?  

Here's hoping I can make some progress on it in the weekend? 

Unfulfilled Destiny