Update on the kids growing


Date:07 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Not much has been happening in the garden the last few days as life has been busy and I've been down with the flu.

The kids potatoes in the buckets have mostly all sprouted, and we've covered them with more soil.

We've planted our their sunflowers, unfortunately we lost a few to wind, but I've direct sown a few seeds in their place, so hopefully we have more success!

We have also planted out all their other vegetable seedlings apart from their giant pumpkins, which we will do when I plant the rest of mine. I wanted them to know which ones are theirs, so I managed to pick up a few barrels on Facebook for dirt cheap, which already had holes drilled into them. So we popped the Alien Scallopini zucchini and Dinosaur Gourds in those beside the yam patch in the paddock that is already fenced off. So hopefully they will be happy in those to be able to sprawl wherever they please!

Update on the kids growing