Updates from Netherby

Gardener:Sarah at Netherby

Date:30 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Fav Vegie Recipe, Vegetables, Recipes

Updates from Netherby

Some kind of creature was getting into the strawberries even though they were covered with wire mesh so I shouted them a cloth-covered tunnel with pegs to keep unwanted critters out. It has worked a treat and the strawberries are untouched.

The cherry tomatoes have been growing well and outgrew their bamboo stakes so I have restaked them with much bigger ones. I was inspired by Simone15nz’s tomatoes to be honest! I also gave them a good dosage of Yates Tomato Thrive fertiliser.

The beans are slowly climbing up the archway, a lot slower than I thought but maybe they are waiting for the warmer weather.

We had family over in the weekend and I decided to rustle up some cupcakes using beetroot from the garden. I used a recipe that can be made as a cake or cupcakes where you grate the beetroot into the mixture. So delicious and like nature’s red velvet cake! Practically a health food with all that beetroot! Recipe here https://www.annabel-langbein.com/recipes/chocolate-un-beet-able-cake/636/

Happy Gardening everyone!

Updates from Netherby