Weeding with my number one helper

Gardener:Gardening Mummy

Date:12 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

Out of the 3 kids Master 5 is the most interested in the garden and the outdoors. The older two kids are keen on planting and eating the harvest but not so much the stuff in between!

Master 5 and I got stuck into the top patch this morning. It was a gorgeous morning and warm when in the sun. And I must say weeding with him was much more fun than doing it by myself.

Every weed had a name - a star weed, a tug of war weed, some with flowers and he had great joy in pulling them all out! He has also got very good at digging out the roots as well as just pulling off the top of the weed.

I'm sure the area where the top patch is was used as a junk pile when they were building our house many years ago. There are always plenty of old nails and building stuff to find which delighted Master 5. He is a treasure collector and constantly has pockets full of 'treasures' he has found.

I thought I had taken a 'before' photo to show how bad the patch was when we started but it didn't take properly so you will just have to believe me how bad it was!

This is where my corn is going to go this year. The soil is quite good up here - at some point there was some sort of garden by previous owners. I think it had strawberries in it from memory when we moved in.

That's enough gardening for today - we're off for a bike ride to enjoy the rest of the gorgeous day!

Hope everyone has had a productive day in their gardens :)

Weeding with my number one helper