Welcome to the jungle...

Gardener:Briars Patch

Date:14 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

There's a theme going with my posts at the moment ..... So much to do and so little time.  

I have to say though I really love the wild look and the beans are doing incredibly well growing through the poppys - or are the poppys growing through the beans ;0 The silverbeet has leant over and protected so much of the strawberries we have been having great harvests .... but there is little else worth picking and eating sadly..... YET!

My seedlings have finally got to the point where I can plant them out.  Yesterday was stage 1 - after staining half the labour weekend screen.

A month or so ago I weeded, composted and dug in the garden but it needed to happen again yesterday before each area could have new plants.

There was also a few overgrown turnips, and other plants that I pulled out and put back into the gardens.

Nearly 3 of the 4 wicking beds are planted - celery, watermelon, capsicum, eggplant, basil and a patio tomato as a trial.

A mix of zucchinis have gone in as well as some heirloom tomatoes. (I did cave and buy 2 on sale at Mitre10 last week)

My cucumber have had a really rough time growing from seed and I only ended up with 3 for the garden - I think a trip to the garden centre will be needed to grab a few more of those and I havn't seen gherkin plants avaliable yet ..... or are they just cucumbers renamed hehe

I also bought an artichoke to try but if my memory serves me correct from when my mum grew one 20 years ago they turn abit gigantis so need to think about where I am going to put that.

I am trying to not plant up in the side boxes of the garden as they don't have irrigation yet and my hand watering efforts are pretty lacking.

Back out there again today - paint the rest of the screen - 1st coat - tick!  More seedlings and I have some barrels for patio tomatoes around the house. 

....and hoping for a bit more snblock coverage than I had yesterday.

Welcome to the jungle...