What are these little blighters?

Gardener:Mrs Muddy Toes

Date:15 Nov 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Well, its nice to be back in the garden.... how I have missed it.

My hand is recovering well from surgery and is still a bit sore so putting pressure on my palm with garden tools is out of the question, but I am getting rather good at using my left hand (not my dominant hand) to spray like a mad thing!

Oh and mad I am!  What are these little blighters?  They are everywhere on everything outside and inside my greenhouse and they seem to be growing in numbers I can't seem to control.

I have been spraying with Yates Natures Way Organic Vegie Gun but these little black bugs seem none too bothered by it!

I would greatly appreciate the gardeners here on the Growing Community sharing their advice on what to treat them with and what on earth are they called.... I wait with anticipation.... ;o)

What are these little blighters?