When it looks good enough to eat!


Date:20 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We're definitely beginning to hit the time of year when we can get daily salads, adn pretty exciting ones with that!
We've had a friend just move to Christchurch, and while they are finding a flat they are staying with us... apart from having a great time, they have given us a new appreciation of taking photos of our food!
I'm not an instagrammer (well not yet, we'll see how long I can hold out), but they are, so they have been taking photos of what we have been picking and what we have been making, and it really has helped us up our game in not only enjoying having fresh produce, but really enjoying the aesthetics of it also!
This salad we made for 6 people to to next to burgers, what we picked from our garden was:
- Spinach
- Beetroot + leaves 
- Carrots + tops
- Kohlrabi flowers
- Calendula
- Pansies
- Parsley

Then on the BBQ we cooked the broad beans and the purple sprouting broccoli in a little olive oil and garlic..


I'm loving getting into the summer meals already! 
When it looks good enough to eat!