When the sun finally shines


Date:19 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables


I've had a very productive morning in the garden, making the most of the sun after over a week of rain.

Ive given the tunnel a good water, sown some more seeds -selection of lettuce, celery, radish, peas, cabbage, brocolli, beets, cauliflower and more corn as my kids can't get enough of it. It sometimes doesn't even make it inside the house!

This will be the last round of broc, cauli and cabbage I will sow for a while. I have never had any problems growing those down here being winter veges, even in summer, as our summers generally aren't as hot as further up the country. But as we all know, the white butterfly's cause havoc on brassicas! And I have limited resources at the moment to keep them covered.

The above photo is of my greenhouse/potting area/seedling area. It has an old grape tree in it the previous owners planted. I will have to take the shelving out as that grows, but that's not a problem as I won't have many seedlings needing that extra protection by then. As the weather warms I'll be able to put seedlings I have going on the shelving in my tunnel.

We got the shelving units cheap from the warehouse and they do the trick! I start off my summer seeds inside and as they've grown and got stronger I pop them out in the greenhouse. The seeds I have under the plastic are the seeds that don't mind it a bit cooler, they start off out there.

And the other picture is of my potting table my husband made me out of old pallets from his work. 

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend in the garden.

When the sun finally shines