While the Sun-shines


Date:17 Sep 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Hi Everyone

This week weve had awful strong wind battering the backyard. Glad the sun has still been out for the most part.

Some of the seedings have roots shooting out in all directions, so Ive started hardening them off.

New additions into the garden beds are Yates Kolh rabiScarlet runner beans, Yellow Dwarf beans and Marigolds.

Im going to get a pH soil testing kit. Ive read that its very important that plants have just the right balance in their diet, just like us. 

In the short time Ive worked to establish the garden beds, alot of this and that has been thrown, spilt and buried in them.

The first thing in was a mega pile of compost, which the previous owners had just had set up in the worst spot. It was a rats paradise, very gross.  There were mixed benfits from this, great result in sorting issue of rats (they dispersed elsewhere and hopefully ate bait in traps). The downside was the amount of rubbish that suddenly poped up and out with every shift of the ground. Bread tags, fruit stickers and milk bottle seals being the majority. Ill still keep finding them. 

After all that going into the garden, it still had no real body or that soil look. So in went lots of dried sheep poo that we had scooped up locally, straight off the limestone outcrops.

Then at various times a local petrol station had had free coffee grounds, so those would get spread around too. I read somewhere that worms will wriggle a mile for coffee.

Then my husband, on many occassions spilt/tipped his buckets of left over river-sand gold tailings here and there. But guess thats maybe abit of added nutrients, and also sand is great for adding a drainage element to soil.

My husband also offered kindly to take care of all the fish frames left over after the boys fishing trip. After some days of putting up with an awful stink, I dug them all in very deep around the garden.

 The garden beds thus far have grown more weeds, than vegatbles. So after all that and some time going by, I would like to know if the soil is in a good way, and will offer the best growing condition for most plants this season


Happy gardening :) 

While the Sun-shines