Who doesn't love a delivery!


Date:06 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Vegetables

It's been an exciting week this week regarding garden deliveries.

First came a packet of seeds from Yates for the weekly spot prize. The are the little ted sunflowers and my daughter is super excited.

Then came the prize pack from Yates. Wow. Thanks Yates. I love the variety of different seeds sent as often I would overlook them. 

Today was two bales of pea straw I ordered. I feel like a city farm boy with my bales out the front. Ruth from Canterbury posted about pea straw last year and it seems to be a super mulch. I'm pretty excited about using this to spruce up the back vege garden.

The least favorite delivery was 2 cubic meters of bark. Needless to say I ache all over after shoveling it all and moving it with the wheelbarrow.  Can't say I'm a fan of bark. It is nowhere near the plants. It was a necessary evil for landscaping the property to get it ready for market.  

Who doesn't love a delivery!