Whoopsie daisy


Date:14 Oct 2020

Blog Type:Mini Challenge - Pay it Forward, Vegetables

Well today has been a day of four seasons in one day, wind, rain, sun and a few hail storms (as in the picture). I've covered my potatoes in the garden that are up with pea straw as we are meant to get a frost tonight. I've also had to cover everything that needed covered with frost cloth. I hope the tomatoes and courgette I planted in the tunnel will be ok! Because I couldn't do much else I decided to sow some seeds.

I've sown some lettuce and spinach for us, and some brassicas, few toms, pumpkin, corgette and corn for my friend so she has some succession planting.

I had sown my friend some brasiccas before the school holidays, but the cabbage didn't germinate, along with pumpkin and corn I had done for us. Nothing at all in all these punnets germinated, not one! These are all things I've had no problems with so far.

So I decided today to start again (minus doing the corn and pumpkin for us, because we have enough!). Upon tipping out the soil, my thoughts of what happened was correct.... I found not one pumpkin or corn seed, obviously the cabbage seed is too small to find, but I'm guessing I didn't plant those either!

So here I was loving the heck out of these seeds and wondering what I've done wrong, for them to not even exist!!!

I won't get the chance to get out in the garden tomorrow as I'm on the committee for the A&P show here for the home induries section, so am busy with that tomorrow, so it was nice to get that job done and have a giggle at my own expense!






Whoopsie daisy