FRIDAY TOP TIPS – How to Sow Seed

Gardener:Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Date:02 Sep 2021

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This year I’m going to make Friday’s special and try to share with you some ‘how to do’s’ or bits of timely advice that will help along the way.   Nothing beats learning from experience – but if it is someone else’s experience and the failure wasn’t in your garden then all the better.

So, if there is something you would like to know more about for Friday Top Tips let me know in the comments below. 

Today we are taking a good look at how to sow seed as it is pretty timely right now, and if it is something you are nervous about, then hopefully this helps. 

If you haven’t sown seeds before, or tried and failed, it actually isn’t that difficult if you follow a few simple rules.

·                  Start with clean pots, trays, and equipment to avoid introducing a pest or disease that has been lurking in the containers all winter.

·                  Using a good quality seed raising mix will give you seeds the perfect start to life as it provides the ideal conditions for them.  Although currently it is best to use what you have. 

·                  Sow seeds thinly or space them out well which will provide good airflow for the seedlings which will reduce the risk of damping off disease, which will kill them.

·                  The general rule of thumb is sow seeds 3 times as deep as they are tall.  There are of course exceptions so always check the seed packet or do a little research online.

·                  Firm the soil down so the seed has good contact with the soil but don’t push down too hard or the seedling will have trouble pushing through the soil.

·                  Make sure the soil is damp and continues to stay that what the whole time as plants need a continuous supply of water so they can take up nutrients from the soil.  If it yo-yos between soggy and dry it will affect the plant’s ability to grow.

·                  It is also important to pop in a label.  You may think you’ll be able to remember, but if you are sowing loads of seeds of the same family, but different varieties, like peppers or brassicas, you won’t know which is a broccoli and which is a cabbage or which is a capsicum and which is a chilli for months!

·                  Seedlings need good light, and if it isn’t good enough, they will stretch out to find it and become long thin and leggy and will struggle to do well as plants in the garden.  If you have them on a windowsill, rotate the pot every time you walk past to keep them growing straight.

I hope this is helpful.

While I’m here I want to point you in the direction of some great articles on the Yates website and in particular the ones about how to grow plants – there are growing instructions for pretty much all the vegetables and loads of other plants so check it out:

Today I want to showcase one of my favourite vegetables:  >Kohlrabi<.  

It is so versatile, and I can pretty much grow it all year round.  In the summer I grate it and use is in coleslaw or slice it thinly and use it like chips with a dip.  In winter I cut it into large chunks and steam it and smother it in cheese sauce…  super delish. 

My absolute favourite recipe is grated kohlrabi, grated apple, lemon juice, salt, and pepper – so simple but so good. 

Let me know – have you grown it before, do you like it and how do you use it?

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Happy Gardening

Sarah the Gardener  : o)



FRIDAY TOP TIPS – How to Sow Seed