8 Days until spring...

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:23 Aug 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

A massive hullo to gardeners in the upper south who must be devasted by the rain and flooding. I was thinking yesterday that it would be so heartbreaking this close to spring to see your garden under a thick layer of mud, my thoughts are with you.

Here in Whanganui we have certainly seen a lot of rain and our lawns and parts of the garden are very squelchy. I am certain it is wetter than previous years... here's hoping things start to dry out soon. Despite the boggy ground our broad beans are doing well, and we have just planted our Agria potatoes hoping to beat the blight. The garlic is hanging in there.... just. I have found a few rust spots but have removed the leaves - Im sure we're not out of the woods yet though. We've got pukekohe long keepers in the ground, peas are flowering, sweet peas are climbing their frame and lettuces are keeping us in a couple of salads a week.  

I've been busy inside on yukky days sowing seeds and pricking out... I'm starting to get a nice collection of flower and vege seedlings ready for planting when it warms, and dries, up a bit.

Roll on spring!

8 Days until spring...