A Battle I'm Winning


Date:07 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

This flower garden is by our drive way and is the first garden you see when visitors come. I have had a love/dislike relationship with this bed over the years, and have constantly flipped between the two.

I have planted plants only to rip them out and plant them elsewhere, I have tried growing wildflowers which looked great, but then I changed my mind on that too. 

I am finally at a place now I love this garden, as do the bees! It has filled in nicely without overtaking, it looks great most of the year round, and has a bit of everything in it from spring bulbs to roses, shrubs and lavender.  Its very easy care, I barely weed it, the only thing I do is trim back some of the shrubs occasionally. 

It sure has been a work in progress but I got there in the end!

A Battle I'm Winning