A Fiesta of Foxies

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:02 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

There have been a lot of comments here recently about sowing too many of one type of seed.

For me it started 8 months ago when I felt the urge  to get some good old-fashioned, cottage garden inspired foxgloves back into my flower border. 

I bought some Yates "Foxy" and "Coral Chimes" seeds and sowed them in containers. Literally every single tiny seed produced a seedling. I pricked them out and ended up with around 80 seedlings - way too many for my little garden.

They have been distributed around all of my gardening friends - anyone who happened to call in for a cuppa left here with a six pack of foxgloves!

The remaining plants I have shoved in here and there in the flower garden and there is a concentration of foxy's next to our herb garden which had recently been cleared of a feijoa - moved because it was taking over our bedroom window. I have other plans (dahlia's and other perennials) for this garden in summer but in the next few weeks I think my foxy's are going to reward me with quite a show.

I'll make sure to update you with a photo when they bloom.

Sometimes a glut is not such a bad thing.

A Fiesta of Foxies