A is for APHID

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:23 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Took the camera for a walk - clever things Aphids, can snack AND reproduce at the same time! 

This is on the flowering Puha in the vege patch - not too worried - A cloud of almost microscopic parasitic wasps was surrounding the swan plants this morning very early - the hoards of aphids had all been parasitised a short time ago (they blow up like something out of a star wars movie!) and the young wasps were emerging in the early morning sunshine. SO not too worried atm when I see aphids - biological warefare is alive and well in the studio garden! 

This morning I planted out 3 of the Shiney Fardenlosa seedlings into the vege garden just below the studio as the roots were poking out of their pots (thats where the aphids were photographed) It took an HOUR and a HALF to plant THREE SEEDLINGS! (I had allowed for 15 minutes) The ground was like concrete despite having had some rain so dug in a spade then crumbled it up between my fingers as was removing weeds at the same time - lots of lovely worms (I buried some stinky fish there in Feb/March ish) 

Amongst the weeds were a couple of native palm or cabbage tree seedlings (shall have to check) so have dug them out as best I can and set them aside. Quite a few come up in the vege garden and also peach tree seedlings from the golden queen) They transplant well if you get enough earth with them.

A is for APHID