A Lazy day today.


Date:27 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

So last night was a big night, we had a few friends around for after dinner drinks and games. A few dozen home made Christmas mince pies, a fruit cake and good fun.

Then it was raining on and off today. No mowing lawns as it is too wet. So off to have a look at King's plant barn as I needed a new bag of seed raising mix. Also got Yates mini red cabbage seeds.

The golden acre cabbages of which there are 3 are nearing the final stages. I don't normally grow brassica, but the net tent and the success of this variety has inspired me to try more.

The space is small and 3 cabbages, they are smaller ones have taken only half the space t o grow, so I figure 6 can go in there. The 2 that are planted together really close are doing really well, so they will be grown in pairs down the middle of the space so keeping away from the edges of the tent.

Golden acre, mini red and cauliflower twister which is a self blanching cauli, all smaller varieties that can be sown spring through to autumn were put in the grow cupboard today, along with some lettuce, spring onions, Bush basil, lettuce leaf basil, celery and leeks for succession planting.

The photo is my kumara, starting its vertical journey😊

A Lazy day today.