A Lighter Job

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:27 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Making the most of the extra hour of light, I managed to tackle another job this afternoon....tidying up three of our beds. These are our original three gardens. 

Today I simply tidied up a few things. Removed a few spent plants; removed a few flowers, and replanted them into the planter box with the herbs that I did yesterday, and trimmed the ties from last year's tomatoes (they were looking untidy hanging down). Hubby and I will need to move the frames around before everything goes in. The tomato frame needs to go over one bed to the right, which means the A frame will need to go between the other two beds. Moving the frames is definitely a two-person job. 

If I am honest, there isn't a huge amount left in these gardens, just a few radishes to roast, and few bok choy to stirfry, and the broccolini. These are looking amazing, and the growth in the last week has been significant. When prepping this bed, I put a layer of compost, over the chopped-up corn stalks. I decided to try this in the two gardens where we grew corn last summer, instead of putting them in the compost bin. The produce growing above it has done really well. I will definitely do that again.  I don't need this garden urgently, so they can stay put for now until they are ready to harvest.

A Lighter Job