A little beetroot bottled

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:27 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Last night we checked the forecast for today and it was rubbish. Early morning was supposed to be okay followed by rain, thunderstorms and possible hail.

I woke at 5.50am and pulled up the blind - clear skies and the birds were singing. I had a couple of jobs on my list today - plant out some red onions I have had in punnets ready to go, along with a couple more lebanese cucumber. Our little box hedges are desperate for a trim and the roses need staking after all of the wind we have had.

But if the weather was awful I had some beetroot ready to bottle and some ironing to do.

Turns out we were into the garden by 8 this morning. The onions and cucumber were planted, SH sprayed the espaliers, roses, citrus and anything else looking like it needed it, he trimmed the box hedges, we weeded the vegetable garden and the roses were all propped up with SH's amazing metal props.

At 10.30 this morning we treated ourselves to bacon, black pudding (SH only), eggs, fried bread, orange juice from our own oranges and a really good coffee for brunch.

This afternoon I bottled the beetroot from yesterday and SH washed the car - not gardening but necessary! The heavy rain finally arrived mid-afternoon but it wasn't a bad thing. Our washing was dry, the car was clean and dry in the garage, the new plantings needed some water and the beetroot was bottled...

....happiness filled.

A little beetroot bottled