A Little Bit of Everything

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:05 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Walking around the garden this evening I was actually a little stumped. For the first time, I wasn’t sure what to take photos of. There was actually so much happening, that I could have taken a couple of dozen photos to share. We have teeny tiny baby capsicums, and chillies in Connor’s garden; we have cucumbers ready to pick (very excited about those); there are flowers on the beans, and they have started climbing signaling that we actually have significant growth; there are flowers on the cherry tomatoes, with one plant over a metre tall now; the sunflowers are going to give the neighbours’ a good show as I will suspect by the end of the week, they will exceed the fenceline; there are flowers on the rock melon; and with both male and female flowers appearing on the zucchini, we should have enough for zucchini slice for lunches soon. The pumpkin is about to head down the grow bags; we have four red onions that can be picked anytime we want now (although we will keep them in the garden until needed/the stem falls over); both Connor and my potatoes are flowering, and for the first time ever, I have resisted the urge to have a little nosey.

While wandering around, I was also reminded about the tomatoes and an observation we have made in the past, and then promptly forgotten about. I think it was hubby who asked last year why one garden had flowers on the tomato plants lower down, and the others didn’t. This year is no different. One can only assume that this is temperature related.  I guess if we planted them at the same time, we probably wouldn’t have noticed.

And in keeping with the little and often – this evening we pulled out the sweet peas which are pretty much spent now. In the space left, we have popped in some beans, and a few more lettuce seedlings. 

A Little Bit of Everything